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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the cost of a paint party?


A: $35 per painter for adults and $250 for up to 10 kids. Groupons are not valid towards private parties. Your guests have the option of paying online before the event or the day of by cash/card.

Q: What time should I have guests arrive for the party?


A: We recommend having guests arrive 15 minutes early to get checked-in and and pick their station.

Q: What does Corks N Canvases provide?


A: We provide an artist to guide you and your guests step-by-step to create a masterpiece, aprons, easels, paints, brushes, canvas,paint brushes, water cups, and paint paletts.

Q: What size canvas do you use?


A: Our canvases are 16 x 20 for adult paintings and 11 x 14 for kids paintings and we use acrylic paints.

Q: Is there an age limit?


A: Yes, the minimum age is 5 years old. Adult supervision is required

Q: Minimum Requirements


A: We have a 6 painter minimum. The host is responsible to pay the difference to meet minimum painter requirement. For example, if you are expecting 6 painters and only 4 actually paint then you would be responsible to cover the other 2 stations. Having your guests prepay is strongly suggested.

Q: Is there a deposit?


A: We require a $70 deposit upon booking. The deposit is applied to the total balance. Click here to pay deposit.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?


A: We have a 72- hour cancellation policy for a full refund or date reschedule. No refunds will be issued for insufficient notice. 

Q: What does the host provide?


A: Host will need to provide tables and chairs. These items can be rented from us if additional seating is required. Click here for rental items 

Q: How do I select a painting?


A: Paintings can be selected by clicking on the Paintings tab.

Q: Are acrylic paints washable?


A: Acrylic paints are washable however, we can not ultimately be responsible for paint that gets on items such as floors, carpet, furniture, or clothes.

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